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Men of sense should beware of those of their fellows who grow(ὑπεραυξανομένους) too
great, remembering that it is such as they who set up tyrannies.
–Andocides, Speeches: Speech 4, section 24

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Yes, they really said, “…sometimes it means…

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…sacrificing the fetus.”

This from a report by Liza Mundy which Al Mohler quotes from on his blog.

His comments are worth reading.  And worth reading, though distressing, are the recently published articles which he is discussing.  Several national papers have been reporting on the topic of killing babies (or what is being called “selective reduction”) such as the Los Angeles Times and the New York times.

I realize I write a lot about this issue.  I am compelled.  My mind tremors at the realization of this horrible sin. 

What is most striking to me especially in the quote which is the lead title for the blog today is the throw away line, “sometimes it means sacrificing the fetus.”  I am aghast.  I am appalled.  And I have to conclude that the person saying this cannot seriously mean what they are saying.  And yet, they are truly sacrificing a baby.  To the god of self.  To the god of convenience.  To satan himself, whether they know it or not. 

How can I be silent?

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The Home of My Dreams…

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The No Fuel, No Power…No Problem House that heats and cools itself.

Building a house like this is the equivalent of taking 50 cars off the road in terms of energy consumption and pollution.  That is awesome!

Check it out!

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Assuming you’ve switched to Firefox…mozilla…you’ll like this really cool thingy called FoxyTunes

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Welcome to FoxyTunes

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Getting Things Done With Google

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This one is for James Hindman.  First read the very good book Getting Things Done by David Allen.

Then apply the genius of his organization system using:
Google Notebook – Lifehacker

Life will suddenly become simpler.

I should have a job in advertising!

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